Thom Fitzgerald is a multi award winning Out Canadian Bisexual film & theatre director, screenwriter, author and producer.

Outstanding director, Thom Fitzgerald won 30 awards & 2 nominations for his movie Cloudburst.

Notstraight caught up with Thom on Facebook to ask him what’s his favourite LGBT movie and more.

Thom Fitzgerald
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Director Thom Fitzgerald films delve into everyday situations with a sharp spin of originality.

View TV Series written & directed by Thom Fitzgerald: Forgive Me S1Forgive Me S2Sex and Violence S1Sex and Violence S2Wolf Girl

View movies directed by Thom Fitzgerald: Cloudburst3 NeedlesThe EventThe Wild DogsBeefcakeThe Hanging Garden

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Forgive Me Season 1

Forgive Me TV Series

Forgive Me Season One Mcleod
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald wrote, produced & was director of the hit TV series Forgive Me – Season One, a 12 part TV Series drama on OUTtvGo.

moviebullet Forgive Me Season 1 Forgive Me offers a modern spin on traditional confessional experiences in the Catholic Church. Mike McLeod is the good looking, young priest with a passion to refresh his congregation, yet, while he listens to their sins, he holds a huge secret of his own. Find out more on OUTtvGo.
Forgive Me Season 2
Forgive Me
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald was creator of the cutting edge, TV drama, Forgive Me Series that was nominated for 12 awards and won 6 awards.

Watch OUTTVGOWatch Forgive Me S1 On

Forgive Me Story-line:

A young insomniac Priest (Mike McLeod) lives in a rectory with three older priests, played (John Dunsworth, Jeremy Akerman, Rob Joseph Leonard). ~

Read more: Forgive Me
Forgive Me Awards
Sex and Violence 1

Sex and Violence

moviebullet Thom wrote and directed Sex & Violence Season 1.

moviebullet Sex & Violence Season 1 is a 6 part TV Series that premiered on

moviebullet Director Thom Fitzgerald developed an original drama series that touches on sex and violence with actors Olympia Dukkakis, Riley Raymer, Michael McPhee and more.

Sex and Violence 2

moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald (Cloudburst) wrote and directed Sex & Violence Season 2, a dramatic & action packed TV Series on

moviebullet Sex & Violence shines a light on the dark subject of domestic violence.

moviebullet In the second season of Sex & Violence, Thom continues to delve into the lives of the people that work on heavy cases of sex and violence and how it impacts them and their relationships.

Watch Cloudburst

Watch Cloudburst by Thom Fitzgerald
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald wrote, directed and produced Cloudburst.

moviebullet Cloudburst was filmed in Nova Scotia with a witty script and 2 Oscar winning actresses Brenda Fricker and Olympia Dukakis.

Watch Cloudburst or check out the list of 30 wins & 2 nominations for Cloudburst

View 3 Needles

moviebullet Thom wrote and was director of 3 Needles.

moviebullet 3 Needles deals with the worldwide AIDS crisis that won Thom Fitzgerald 2 awards and 1 nomination.

moviebullet Starring in this star studding cast is Chloe Sevigny, Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Stockard Channing, Olympia Dukakis, Shawn Ashmore & Tanabadee Chokpikultong

View The Event

View The Event Movie Trailer
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald delivers an intimate story of friendship & support in the center of chaos when one of the friends gets Aids.

moviebullet The Event left the viewer stunned but was well receiver even though it was extremely controversial for it’s time with a very strong cast, starring Olympia Dukakis, Don McKellar and Parker Posey.

moviebullet The Event won 9 awards and 4 nominations.

The Wild Dogs

View The Wild Dogs Trailer
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald wrote and directed The Wild Dogs.

moviebullet Thom gave himself the role as the Canadian pornographer.

View  Blood Moon / Wolf Girl
thom fitzgerald-blood-moon
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald was director of the horror TV movie Wolf Girl, also know as Blood Moon.

moviebullet Wolf Girl has a strong cast, starring Shawn Ashmore, Tim Curry, Grace Jones, Victoria Sanchez and Shelby Fenner.

View Beefcake

View Beefcake
moviebullet The second movie that Thom Fitzgerald wrote and directed was Beefcake.

moviebullet Beefcake is a homoerotic documentary that won Thom Fitzgerald 2 awards and 4 nominations.

moviebullet Beefcake illuminates the 1950’s world of male-physique magazines. A charged combination of bodybuilding and homoeroticism, wittily blended! – Ken Marks, The New Yorker.

View The Hanging Garden

View The Hanging Garden Trailer
moviebullet Thom Fitzgerald’s first film was The Hanging Garden that won 21 awards and got 10 nominations.

moviebullet The Hanging Garden is a coming out family drama that got raving reviews that broke boundaries the audience had never seen before.