Nicole Conn is an Out American writer, director and mother.
Filmmaker, Nicole Conn was the director of SHE4ME, the PSA for MEUSA: (Marriage Equality USA).

Notstraight caught up with Nicole on Facebook to ask her what’s her favourite LGBT movie & more.

Nicole Conn Films
Nicole Conn Director
Director Nicole Conn films are focused on women and their lives. Stories that capture living on the edge of life, taking chances, finding love with no boundries & coming out.

Watch a movie directed by Nicole Conn: A Perfect EndingElena UndoneClaire of the MoonLittle ManCynara: Poetry in Motion

Director Nicole Conn’s Recent Project:
Nesting Doll

Nesting Dolls By Nicole Conn

Nesting Dolls The Movie
Director Nicole Conn’s newest passion project is Nesting Dolls with Barbara Niven & Cale Ferrin.

“A thrilling and sexy drama, Nesting Doll intertwines two stories. One of political intrigue, sex and betrayal. The other, a beautiful love story between two women brought together by a young wheelchair-bound boy whose pureness and unique perspective on the world unites them.” ~

Conn rallies with her global LGBT fan base to create a powerful mainstream movement for female driven films. Read the press release.

Nesting Doll:
Introducing Cale Ferrin our Freddie!!

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Nicole Conn Profile
Watch A Perfect Ending

Watch A Perfect Ending
A PERFECT ENDING, a complicated coming out, romance between two women from two different worlds.

moviebulletNicole Conn wrote the script & was the director of A Perfect Ending.

moviebulletThe cast is top notch with Barbara Niven (One Life to Live), Jessica Clark (True Blood), Cathy DeBuono, Morgan Fairchild & John Heard.

Watch A Perfect Ending on TV, mobile, and tablet today.

Watch Elena Undone @notstraight

Watch Elena Undone
Elena Undone is a romantic drama that deals with family, coming out and religion.

moviebulletNicole Conn wrote the script and was director of Elena Undone

moviebullet Elena Undone broke the record for the longest on screen kiss in film history between two women.

moviebulletWatch Elena Undone on TV, mobile, and tablet.

Watch Claire of the Moon

Watch Claire Of The Moon
Claire of the Moon was Nicole Conn’s first lesbian movie to hit the big screen.

moviebulletClaire of the Moon tells a timeless story of a woman’s struggle as she awakens to new possibilities for love and intimacy.

moviebulletWatch Claire of the Moon on TV, mobile, and tablet today.

Watch Little Man

Watch Little Man
Little Man is a very personal project from Director Nicole Conn when her son was born 100 days early, weighing only one pound.

moviebulletNicole Conn wrote the script, directed the film and was the person in front of the camera to capture her devotion of a mothers love to save her son, Little Man won 10 awards.*

moviebulletWatch Little Man on TV, mobile, and tablet

View Cynara: Poetry in Motion
Cynara: Poetry in Motion
Cynara: Poetry in Motion is an erotic tale told in lines of poetry, unfolding into a romantic love story between two women.

moviebullet Nicole Conn wrote & directed Cynara: Poetry in Motion, a romantic period piece.

She Walks In Beauty

She Walks In Beauty Book
Nicole Conn wrote the book She Walks in Beauty.

“Sometimes the only way to find your life is to walk away from it.

What would you give for a chance to start over?

A chance to find redemption? A chance to love again?

Writer Spencer K. Atwood wants it all. Handsome, talented, and driven to succeed, she approaches the Los Angeles film scene. But her cruise down Hollywood’s dazzling fast lane soon becomes a dizzying blur of ambition, obsession, and sexual abandon that inevitably careens out of control…and costs her everything.” read more

Nicole Conn also wrote The Wedding Dress, Angel Wings and Passion Shadow. They are not for sale today.

The Wedding Dress
 Angel Wings
Passion Shadow