Desi del Valle is an Out, Latina, American filmmaker and actress.

Desi del Valle had a role in Netflix TV Series Orange Is the New Black S1.

Notstraight caught up with Desi on Facebook to ask her what’s her favourite LGBT movie & more.

Desi Del Valle
Desi del Valle in Orange Is the New Black
Desi del Valle is an actress known for her lesbian role in Drift, Some Prefer Cake, Desi´s Looking for a New Girl, The Second Coming, Mod Fuck Explosion, & Costa Brava.

Cruel was Desi del Valle first film behind the camera as the director.

Desi del Valle completed her second short film Back to Life.

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Desi del Valle Back to Life
moviebulletDesi del Valle completed her second short film Back to Life

moviebulletBack to Life is about a woman that grieves the death of her girlfriend only after experiencing the vulnerability of sleeping with her best friend.

moviebulletBack to Life was written by Desi del Valle and directed and produced by Desi del Valle & Hollie Lemarr.

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moviebulletDesi del Valle is the main lesbian character in Drift with actor Reggie Lee as her gay friend.

moviebulletDrift is a Canadian film by Out Director Quentin Lee (White Frog).

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moviebulletSome Prefer Cake is the lesbian romantic, comedy with Desi del Valle as the sexy lesbian that is set up on a date.

Movie Box Review:
This fast paced San Francisco comedy follows best friends Kira (the lovely Kathleen Fontaine) and Sydney (Tara Howley) along intertwining paths of sex, food and relationships. Kira, an aspiring, not-so-funny lesbian comic, spends most of her time sleeping around with every babe in town. Her straight pal Syndey, a restaurant critic, asserts that the average woman given the choice between sex and a nice piece of chocolate cake will always go for the cake.

The story unfolds in a crazy comic fashion when true loves come knocking (in the form of super hot Desi del Valle) and Kira is plagued by her past (sexy Machiko Saito as one of Kira’s emotionally unbalanced one night stands).

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moviebulletDesi’s Looking for a New Girl was written by Out Director, Mary Guzman.

moviebulletDesi’s Looking For A New Girl was filmed in the San Francisco’s Latina qmmunity.

Desi del Valle is the central lesbian character who is trying to find a girlfriend.

Visit Director Mary Guzman website:

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moviebullet The Second Coming is a gay story. Desi del Valle is the lesbian cousin.
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moviebulletMod Fuck Explosion was Desi del Valle second film.
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Costa Brava
Desi’s first film was Costa Brava with director Marta Balletbo-Coll.

For a sophisticated hit on a lesbian relationship, you won’t want to miss Marta Balletbo-Coll’s droll romantic comedy, Costa Brava. Shot in only 14 days, this love story involving a Catalonian performance artist/tour guide (played by Balletbo-Coll) and an Israeli engineer (played by Desi del Valle) is an intriguing look at a blossoming and realistic affair between two strong women.

Set against a backdrop of Barcelona and the Costa Brava, it’s a tentative, sensitive exploration of two psyches testing the waters of a relationship. Costa Brava opens up into a remarkable debut film that captures the struggle inherent in balancing out one’s life. The characters face difficult choices and delimited possibilities. Work, psychology, identity, politics, and former lovers continually inform this relationship, along with the changeable chemistry between the paramours. It rings true, it’s presented with humor, and it’s ultimately a very endearing film.
– San Francisco Bay Times, 1996