Beth Mairs is an Out lesbian Canadian director, writer & actress.

Beth Mairs was the founder and director of Wild Women Expeditions until Beth changed her career path to became a filmmaker & created Bam North Productions.

Notstraight caught up with Beth on Facebook to ask her what’s her favourite LGBT movies and more.

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Awaiting Atwood is Beth Mairs hilarious comedy viewed at Pride festivals across North America.

Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat? won an award for Best Documentary Short.

Beth Mairs is director of Roll-Her Dervish, a female focused documentary on the roller derby circuit in Sudbury.

Beth Mairs new short film is Gunty and Dar, a quirky romantic, lesbian, comedy.

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Awaiting Atwood Movie Trailer

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moviebulletBeth Mairs wrote the script, produced and directed & acts as one of the main characters in Awaiting Atwood, a Canadian witty comedy.

moviebulletAwaiting Atwood is a highly funny, adventure comedy of a lesbian couple who travels across Ontario on a quest to meet Margaret Atwood and their misadventures along the way.

moviebulletMargaret Atwood has a cameo role. **Margaret’s scene is downtown Toronto, Canada.

moviebulletThom Fitzgerald was executive producer for Awaiting Atwood.

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Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat?
moviebulletBeth Mairs wrote, directed and produced Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat?

Movie Review What happens when an eclectic group of women from Toronto – all strangers – head off into the wilds of Temagami for a canoe trip? This film brings together 5 very different, very lovable women for whom this adventure represents personal challenges and opportunities. How this group of mostly novice adventurers accomplish the trip with limited outdoor experience but massive life skills and huge doses of humour provides fascinating social commentary to a genre which has been dominated by male perspectives. Read more @: BAM North Productions Review

Beth Mairs Won Audience Award
Best Documentary Short Subject

Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat? won the Audience Award Best Documentary Short Subject by ReelOut Queer Film & Video Festival.

Does This Canoe Make Me Look Fat? Award