Notstraight promotes the visibility of LGBT movies that reflects queer storytelling. Watch LGBT movies online or View LGBT movie trailers on TV at home or on the go with your mobile or tablet. Notstraight believes through entertainment, LGBT characters should be seen in every-day situations that reflect real life. Watch or View LGBT movies

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Notstraight showcase & highlights queer movie directors’ content that is created by Qmmunities.

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To Come Out is a big deal, a celebration, an acknowledgement to living life authentically. We encourage everyone to follow their heart, Come Out, The Rainbow Awaits You. Rainbow Of Love Notstraight

Watch A Top 10 Movie List: ★Lesbian ★Gay ★BiFem ★BiMale ★F2M ★M2F

View A Top 10 Movie List: ★Lesbian ★Gay ★BiFem ★BiMale ★F2M ★M2F